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Sore back, tired shoulders, wonky hips?

Whether you are a runner or a swimmer, biker or horse rider, you can benefit from regular a remedial massage. Did you know that over exercised muscles can lose their capacity to release and relax? This causes tight or hypertonic muscles, which in turn can reduce your flexibility, and this can lead to a reduction in endurance.

Remedial massage employs specific assessment of the symptoms and identifies any postural or movement patterns that may be contributing to this pain. It aims to remove obstructions that may be affecting Range of Motion and focuses on getting the body to operate as freely as possible.

It is an effective treatment both to treat injuries and increase athletic performance.

Fix it:

 Remedial massage can: 

  • help to improve blood and lymph circulation
  • release sore and tired muscles
  • reduce pain and increase flexibility
  • increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles
  • assist in the elimination of lactic acid build-up in the muscles, giving you less wait time in between workouts
  • help to prepare you for peak performance
  • drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling and to reduce muscle tension

What type is right for you?

Speak to InMotion Health and Coaching today and find a way to incorporate Remedial Massage as part of your training, conditioning, competing and post-competition program today!!


Remedial Massage - 60 mins - $90 

Remedial Massage - 120 mins - $120 

Remedial Massage with essential oils - 60 mins - $110

Remedial Massage with essential oils - 90 mins - $150

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