A holistic service through remedial massage, manual therapies, functional 

movement and tailored coaching programs. 

   Whether you live in the city or down the coast, you can visit InMotion Health and Coaching at either Clifton Hill or Ocean Grove.

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InMotion Health & Coaching

In the last 12 months



In the last 12 months 

+ 1200 Remedial Massages 

+ 248 hours of Coaching

+ 3300 Dry Needles used

+ 42 Litres of Massage Oil

+ 15 meters of Rock Tape

+ 600 Coffees

How can Brad help you?

What do you need help with?


Achilles tendinitis, hip, knee, foot and ankle strains and sprains, hamstring strains, anterior knee pain, ITB syndrome, sports related injuries and recovery, pre and postnatal massage, bike set ups, running techniques, specific muscle strengthening and more...

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Brad prides himself on getting to know you: your goals, passions and lifestyle. He does this naturally,  so that he can best support and guide you towards your best self. With years of experience as an athletes and therapists, Brad  has the ability to treat you holistically.

Our Services

Remedial Massage


What is the worst thing that can happen to an active person like you? An injury or a condition that prevents you from doing what you love. Remedial massage is a proven way to help prevent injuries, reduces soreness and helps to speed up your recovery time. 




Are you looking to cultivate good habits, improve your training effectiveness and create a mindset that allows you to reach your goals? Then coaching is for you. With strategic planning, holistic reviews and a personalised growth program you will be compelled to be your best. 

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Personal Training


Stronger, younger, energised, happier and with a spring in my step - these are some of the ways people describe themselves after personal training sessions with me. How do you want to feel?  Lets work together to build a strong body that can carry you through a happy, health life. 


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