Run, ride, swim, surf, paddle...whatever your discipline InMotion Health and Coaching can help!

Whatever you can dream - you can do.  With a plan, support and focus, your dream is right there in front of you. InMotion Health and Coaching uses Training Peaks to customise and tailor your training program.

Training Philosophy

Brads training philosophy is to learn about his clients. He respects that not every client responds to the same methods: some like repetition, some get bored, some need individual sessions and some excel in group sessions. He takes the time and make the effort to learn what motivates you, what your strengths and weaknesses are and is driven to help you improve your life and achieve your goals.

See you at the finish line

Brad gets it!! He get you!! He has trained and competed for years and years.  Through family life, moving house, injuries, successes and did not finishes.  Let us share our knowledge with you today.

Monthly investment - $150 

- Initial phone conversation and assessment 

-   weekly individulised training program emailed to you directly 

- free access to basic Training Peaks subscription 

- email access 

- weekly phone call access